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Written by DI Media Committee   
Tuesday, 06 November 2007
Dr. Widad Akrawi
Dr. Widad Akrawi
DI president Dr. Widad Akrawi traveled to New York City to attend the United Nation's 62th General Assembly. She contributed to numerous bilateral and multilateral meetings with government delegates as part of her participation in the UN First Committee.


نفس الموضوع بالعربية

The First Committee of the UN General Assembly on Disarmament and International Security meets every year in October, after the UN General Assembly General Debate.

Defend International president was invited by IANSA (The International Action Network on Small Arms) as part of the Control Arms Campaign that is jointly run by IANSA and other NGOs.

IANSA is the global movement against gun violence - a network of 700 civil society organizations working in 100 countries to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons (SALW).


Dr. Akrawi's UN trip schedule included meetings with government delegates, friends and colleagues from Middle East, North Africa, Europe and other parts of the world.

Defend International seeks to make the world a better place from armed violence by promoting international legally-binding treaties covering the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons in communities and crystallizing political will to better control weapons exports.

Defend International represents the voices of civil society (in the East) on the international scene and identifies strategies to push for policies that will protect and empower the most at-risk individuals and societies in our world.

Defend International made a speech during the meetings as well as participated in discussions and side events.


The meetings included:

  • A side meeting at the Finnish Mission, where the ambassadors of Finland, Argentina Australia, Costa Rica, Finland, Japan, Kenya and the United Kingdom were the main speakers as they were the coauthors of the ATT resolution. Diplomats from other countries attended the meeting as well: Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, India, Netherlands, Korea, France, Haiti, Libya, South Africa, Canada, Liberia, Italy, Guatemala, Republic Dominican, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.


  • Global People's Consultation event, in which states were urged to agree on an effective ATT.


  • Side meeting by NGOs ATT Steering Committee and the Control Arms Campagin: "What States Want", an NGOs analysis of State' submissions on a global Arms Trade Treaty. 
The purpose of this event: 97 member states have submitted their views on the feasibility, scope and draft parameters for a global ATT to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, making it the most successful exercise of its kind within the UN. This event featured an analysis of these submissions and the implications for the next steps in the ATT process. A new report was issued.



Defend International addressed the UN First Committee on Disarmament and International Security



On 22 October 2007, Defend International president Dr. Widad Akrawi addressed the UN First Committee. She emphasized that the devastation and suffering caused by the indiscriminate use of weapons has been unimaginable. Illicit trafficking in small arms cannot be addressed unilaterally. Civilians around the globe are still suffering and dying as a result of the misuse of weapons. Her voice was heard at the UN in support of an Arms Trade Treaty.

The event was filmed by Al-Jazeera English, Arte and Control Arms Film Team.




















Listed below are updates from the meetings on small arms and light weapons:

Several resolutions were adopted at the First Committee:

  • The Omnibus resolution regarding the illicit trade in small arms and light weapons in all its aspects;
  • Draft resolution XVII entitled "Assistance to States for curbing the illicit traffic in small arms and light weapons and collecting them";

          The First Committee adopted it with consensus (without voting).


  • National legislation on transfer of arms, military equipment and dual-use goods and technology;

           The First Committee adopted it with consensus.


In its resolution 60/69 of 8 December 2005, the General Assembly encouraged Member States to provide, on a voluntary basis, information to the Secretary-General on their national legislation, regulations and procedures on the transfer of arms, military equipment and dual-use goods and technology, as well as the changes therein, and requested the Secretary-General to make this information accessible to Member States.


Click here for more information about the views received from Governments.


  • Resolution on Prevention of the Illicit Transfer and Unauthorized Access to and Use of Man-portable Air Defence Systems;

          The First Committee adopted it with consensus.



Defend International

UN General Assembly
New York City
October 2007

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